Dr Gabriel LASRY


Vascular surgeon

Venous Disease Specialist

Former intern and chief of hospital of Paris

Member of the College of Vascular Surgery

Member of the Society of Vascular Pathology

Member of the French Society of Phlebology

Dr. Lasry - has been inducted 20 years in Paris - has an experience of more than 20000 varices operated, Doctor Lasry is one of the few surgeons operating only varicose veins which guarantees you excellent results.

Now he practice in Casablanca - Morocco.

Today varicose veins Shall be carried out only: 

            • Under local tumescence anesthesia with echodoppler
            • respect of the rules of aesthetic surgery by adapted and precise mini-invasive surgery
           •  absence of hematomas
           • quality control of the operation by doppler ultrasound
           • exit on the day of operation of the varicose veins, without hospitalization 

           The new techniques and precise protocol, recurrences have become exceptional.

Call Dr. Lasry : +33 6 70889240
Tél : +212 522 29 26 85 - Gsm : +212 664 05 03 79
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Dr Gabriel Lasry, chirurgien vasculaire spécialiste des maladies veineuses