An aesthetic approach to varicose vein surgery

1- Local anesthesia by tumescence permit to,operate varicose veins without bleeding which avoids hematomas and pains.

2- Thanks, a precise preoprative cartography, the incisions will be puntiformes micro-incisions

3- The great experience of soft surgery with little trauma allows to have the best aesthetic result.

The micro-incisions will no longer be visible two to three months after the operation Only very fine, deep absorbable threads will be used and no threads will be placed on the skin of the steristrips alone to ensure that there is no mark. The skin spots are exceptional because there is no hematoma. This excellent aesthetic result also makes it possible to operate varicose veins under local anesthesia at:

         • Of the face
         • Around the eye
         • Hands
         • Feet
         • Of the chest.

The experience of Dr. Gabriel Lasry in the cosmetic surgery of varicose veins around the eye of the face is the best guarantee of a good aesthetic result on the varicose veins of the legs.