How to choose a practitioner ?

It is essential to choose a hyper-specialized practitioner because the varicose vein surgery is evolving very quickly. This doctor should be well aware of the latest varicose veins operations techniques .

Some tips to guide your choice of doctor

The congresses have sought to define the rules for choosing a practitioner, “this doctor must have experience of each treatment in order to offer his patient all treatments from the medical care trough the endo-venous laser up varicose veins surgery”. It has to be a vascular surgeon specialised in varicose veins surgery and must be able to “operate under tumescent local anesthesia,” but ambulatory and outpatient.

It also has to perform a mapping or tracking preoperative marking and must control this gesture by a Doppler ultrasound.
In any case, if a surgical decision is made, a confrontation between the angiologist, the patient and the entourage must help explain the surgical decision and especially to allow a smooth and conservative surgery that respects the healthy veins (which can be useful). It should also recommend and ensure that regular monitoring by further sclerotherapy is performed (this monitoring will be carried by the patient’s angiologist). Also check that the surgeon you visit offers all these precautions that are necessary.